My Concussion Recovery Protocol

Concussions are no laughing matter. I should know, I’ve had 11 of them. Many of which, could have been prevented if I would have worn a helmet when skateboarding.

Ten years ago, there was very little research into concussions, treatment, and the long term impact that concussions can have on your life. Today there is a lot of ongoing research and healing techniques that work much better than just sitting in a dark room with no stimulation for a few weeks. Through my own experience and research, I want to share the treatments that have worked for me. This is not a prescription, and might not work the same for you. It’s best to try different things and make sure you consult with your health care professional before trying anything new.

The brain is such an interesting organism. It has this amazing ability to heal and regenerate, but only if we treat it well. Through my experience with concussions, I have learned to heal and recover in my own ways. I have experienced symptoms of post-concussion syndrome such as depression, anxiety, prolonged periods of headaches, vision issues and the inability to organize my thoughts. It can be really frustrating at times because I know that if I treated myself better and took time off to recover after the more serious concussions, I probably wouldn’t be experiencing the symptoms as much. But, I can’t change the past. The only thing I can do is commit to taking care of my health, wellness and brain…. And wear a helmet!

Here are the holistic practices that  have helped me so far:

  • Eat whole foods: cut the crap and cut the chemicals. You probably won’t feel like eating healthy, but this should be at the top of your list. The healthier your brain and body is, the faster you will recover.

  • Meditation: calms the brain and helped regenerate damaged cells

  • Spend time in nature: fresh air, trees and just being one with nature is so healing. When I am in the forest, I feel my best. Get outside, without your phone and be one with the Earth. I know this sounds super hippie-ish, but it really works!

  • Fish oil: I use a high quality oil that is high in omega 3 and doesn’t have any fillers or other ingredients. Quality fish oils can be really hard to find as the supplement industry isn’t regulated, so do some research. I use USANA, because it’s a pharmaceutical grade supplement company that I know I can trust.

  • Sleep: after a concussion, it is actually really good to sleep as much as you need to. When we go to sleep, our brain can start detoxing the biological material that is released when we get a concussion.

  • Movement: it’s also important to keep moving your body as much as you can tolerate. See where your limit is, and don’t go past it at first. Slowly work on increasing your exercise tolerance until you no longer feel symptoms.

  • Decrease your work load: don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t take on as much and always have time to decompress.

  • Be kind to yourself: have a brain injury is really hard, especially if the symptoms last a few months. You will get angry, irritable and really sad. You will forget things and not feel like yourself. You will feel like it might not get better, but it will. Surround yourself with positively and positive people. Be kind to yourself and allow time to heal.

 These are just a few of the things that have helped me in my ongoing recovery. Always listen to your body, it knows how to heal but we just need to learn to listen! Let me know if you have any questions about my experience or if I can help you in any way!





Emily Miller